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How to Jump in 3 Steps

Approach: Make sure if you want a successful take off to make sure to stay chilled and relaxed to make a successful flight. So approach the jump with the amount of speed you’ll need. If you don’t know what the speed is by asking a friend to tow you in. Towing it means you follow […]

5 Reason You Get A Full Suspension?

Full suspension is really helpful when you are on the trail it makes the riding experience more fun. You can not tell that there are even bumps there. They can take more of an impact. Like when going through a rocky section or over-shooting jumps. Because of the rear suspension, it helps your feet stay […]

What’s a good starter bike?

A good affordable bike I would say if the Raleigh tokul 3 it is an aggressive hard-tail which is great for starters wanting to learn the basics. The specs are amazing here are the following Kenda Havoc 27.5×2.8 tires mounted on 50mm wide rims provide more confident handling when things get loose. The Tokul 3 comes […]

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