What’s the best suspension

What is the best suspension

In my opinion, I believe that fox 36 is amazing for the price. I have them on my orange crush and they are amazing they have helped me ride a lot of trails from rough to just a smooth track’s. Best Fake IDs

There are 2 main colours for the station there is fox Kashima (gold) and the other is fox 36 black I have the black and it works awesome and there is no difference between them just the colour. fake id

The specs for these forks

Travel: 160mm / 170mm / 180mm.
Air Spring: FLOAT.
Damper: GRIP2 FIT HSC / LSC.
Axle: 15QR x 110mm Boost.
Upper Tube Finish: Kashima Coat.
Steerer: 1.5 Taper
Offset: 51mm

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