About Me, Hi, my name is Jack Young. I am the founder of this Amazon Affiliate (Mtbbandit.com). I am 14 years old, I love to go on my bike to do freeride and downhill.

The feeling of being free and being able to go anywhere. The main thing about biking is essential always to have fun if you are not having fun; you are doing something wrong. I love it cause it makes me free and more chilled in life. I do have other hobbies I like to golf, play tennis and to go to theme parks and water parks — basically, anything which has adrenaline.

These Pictures are from when I did a race over in Hamsterley Forest. This was the ever first race I was very nerves but my aim was to complete the race didn’t care about coming 1st I just wanted to finish it. I came 10th out of 13 in my section which I was happy with because of my first race my friend did it to for his first race he came 7th. The bike I am on there is a Trek Marlin 7 it did its job wasn’t the best bike for the job but I got to bottom in one piece.

To conclude the reason why I opened this site for you is that you bikers out there you should know biking is not a cheap sport and I always want to help people out, so I made this shop to sell products to you. It helps me towards the bike build that I am doing.

To see more about me here is my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthl5TZC1qXNOc8lxVNUs-Q

Home page https://www.mtbbandit.com/